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Residential Electrical Services

residential electrician

Think Super Fast Electric for Your Residential Electrical Services

For most people, home is a safe haven. Somewhere you can relax after a stressful workday and spend time with your family and friends. Therefore, having the right electrical system installed in your residential home is crucial. Super Fast Electric recognizes this fact, and these values reflect in the provision of our residential electric services.

Our company will cater for all the electrical needs for your home. We will install 120/240 volt feeders depending on the service requirements of your house. The standard recommendation is   120 volts for lighting, outlets, and small appliances. For larger machines and appliances such as air conditioning units, dryers and heater 220-volt feeders are used. We usually assess the needs of your home and apply the necessary measures to give you a functional and efficient system.

You can also contact us to help you upgrade your system if you have brought in new appliances that need more voltage. We are now getting orders to do the installations of electric vehicle charging ports and we expect this to become a growing trend in the future. Remember us when you decide to switch to an electric vehicle or for any of your other installation and maintenance needs.

Super Fast Electric will work with you from the moment you begin construction for a new electric project. We will ensure that the wiring goes in all the right places to avoid damage. This allows the system remains accessible for repairs and maintenance in the future. You need skilled professionals for this and our company has them in abundance.

We will design and implement interior and exterior lighting design and fixtures. From energy-efficient bulbs, chandeliers, LED lighting, and electrical outlets. If you can name, we can install it We can also add special features for external lighting such as security lights, motion sensors, and timers on critical installations. We also offer landscape light installation for residential homes. It is an amazing design features that will set your house apart in the neighborhood.

Our company offers installation services for appliances. We will help you with electric heaters, air conditioning units, ceiling fans, fire or security alarms, and anything else that takes more than plugging into a socket to work. You can trust us for all your circuit repair, replacement, and maintenance work.

Safety is our greatest concern especially with residential homes where people expect to raise their children in safe environments. Our technicians conduct a safety inspection after each installation to ensure that everything is safe and up to code. We tighten connections and inspect the breaker box, confirm proper grounding, and fix any exposed wiring that can be harmful to your family.

What are you waiting for? You can opt for regular maintenance appointments or on-call services. Call Super Fast Electric today to get a quotation

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