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Industrial Electrical Services

Excellent Industrial Electrical Services from Super Fast Electric

At Super Fast Electric, our commitment lies in providing exceptional industrial electrical services for factories and warehouses. When we talk about excellent services, we are not misleading you by labeling simple lighting and outlet installations as comprehensive industrial work. Not at all! Our company gives you the entire package. Here is a breakdown of all the industrial services we offer.

Our company recognizes that electrical services for industrial use are unique because of the need for high voltage feeders and systems. These facilities often use heavy-duty appliances, and the system must be robust enough to handle multiple of them at a time. Our team of professional electricians will do wiring and lighting fixtures for these industrial appliances and equipment.

Super Fast Electric works on new industrial constructions as well as plant renovations. When you tell us the kind of efficiency you want to achieve with your industrial plant or warehouse, we will work towards delivering it. We can set up programmable control panels for the easy manipulation of industrial machinery and increased safety for workers. Our specialists are well versed in the latest industry codes and regulations, so they will ensure that you remain updated.

Many industrial plants have old systems that have been running for decades. However, these systems often need replacements to either match current regulations or increase the plant’s efficiency. Super Fast Electric engineers will upgrade old systems to match the current regulations and support more equipment. We can also substitute your old manual controls with new programmable models.

Ventilation is a crucial element in an industrial plant where fumes and heat produced must be expelled for the safety of your workers. Contact us for air conditioning and filtration system installation. We also install programmable gate control systems. Do not worry about the size of your plant; the size of the project is never an issue. Our company is equipped with enough resources in terms of personnel, capital, and equipment to handle any project size.

Blackouts suck but do not let them halt your operations. Consult Super Fast Electric for high-quality generator installation and maintenance. We care about your business, so we will complete this project for you in the shortest time possible. Our transfer switch systems for industrial generators are efficient, and the backup kicks in within minutes.

Surge protection services for single appliances and entire systems are a specialty at Super Fast Electric. We understand that protecting your machinery is crucial for the long term survival of the business. We will also partner with you for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient installations.

Our company, Super Fast Electric, has a lot to offer you in industrial settings. Our professional technicians are available for full-time, part-time, and on-call maintenance services. They can blend effortlessly with your machine maintenance crew to ensure that your electrical systems are always running at optimum capacity.

 Contact us today for a consultation or a price quotation. We guarantee that you will love partnering with us for all your electrical needs now and in the future.

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