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How to Choose the Right Electrician

How to Choose the Right Electrician

How to Choose the Right Electrician

How to Choose the Right Electrician

When hiring an electrician, finding one that you can trust with your home or business’s electrical system can be challenging. If you are not experienced in electrical work, you have to put your full trust that the electrician you are working with has good intentions.

A great electrician can safely repair your system and give you peace of mind that you are in good hands. However, an unqualified electrician can put your home or business at risk of electrical fires and damages.

In this article, we will be going over what you should look for when hiring an electrician and how to choose the right one for you.

Check Their Licensing and Insurance

One of the most important things that any company providing electrical services should have is proper licensing and insurance. A licensed contractor has met all of the requirements to work on electrical systems properly.

When researching electricians in your area, ask their contractor licensing number and research to ensure they are legitimate. Once you know they are qualified, you should ask if they are insured as well.

An insured company will be protected against injuries on the job and potential property damage. If the contractor damages your property by mistake, you will not be liable for the costs associated with repairing the damage.

Lastly, you should understand if the electrical contractor is bonded. A bonded contractor gives customers protection in the case of fraud or misconduct from the electrician. If you want to work with qualified electricians, understanding their licensing should be your first step.

Research Their Reputation

In business, your reputation is everything and gives people a realistic idea of what it’s like to work with you. Building a reputation takes a lot of time, so an electrician with a positive one is likely good at their job.

Additionally, it has never been easier to check the reputation of a business with its online reviews. Whether it’s Google reviews or Facebook, you can see what past customers say about a business.

When looking through some of the reviews of an electrician, some good questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do people like the quality of the work?
  • Were the electricians friendly and knowledgeable?
  • Are they transparent about pricing?
  • Are they responsive and show up on time?

A business that cares about the quality of its work and professionalism will have great reviews online. These reviews will give you the confidence to know you will be working with an electrician you can trust.

While positive reviews are critical, almost all businesses will run into a situation with an unhappy customer. A great electrical contractor will do their best to reach out to the customer and resolve the problem professionally.

What Are Their Guarantees and Warranties?

When an electrician stands by the quality of their work, they will likely have a warranty on their services. Whether installing new lights or replacing your electrical panel, a warranty can protect you from unexpected problems.

Many electrical contractors offer warranties in two different forms. A product warranty will protect you if the product installed in your home is faulty and is typically protected through the manufacturer.

In most cases, a manufacturer will offer a 1-year warranty that will cover a product with defects. You won’t be covered if you damage the product yourself or it breaks past the warranty date of the product.

The second guarantee is from the electrician, with a workmanship warranty for their installation services. If the problem with your system results from something the electrician did, they will come to fix it free of charge.

Affordability and Free Project Estimates

The last thing you should look for in an electrician is what they price their services and if they are upfront about pricing. Many homeowners are scared of the hidden charges of electricians and want to know the pricing upfront.

A trustworthy electrician will put those worries to rest and provide an accurate estimate before signing a contract. Once the project is complete, you won’t be caught off guard by an unknown charge.

To ensure that your electrician offers an accurate estimate, ask for quotes from multiple electrical contractors in your area. You can find the best price for your project, but it shouldn’t be your only criteria for finding an electrician.


Finding an electrician for your next project requires a bit of research and speaking with your local businesses. As a requirement for all electrical contractors, you should verify they are licensed and insured. Read online reviews and learn a little more about the reputation of the business.

Lastly, learn more about their warranties for their services and ask for an estimate on the services you need. By following these steps, you should find an electrician that is right for you and your electrical needs.

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