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How to Balance a Noisy or Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Balance a Noisy or Wobbly Ceiling Fan

How to Balance a Noisy or Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans play an important role in keeping us cool during warm weather and circulating cool air. However, they can also become an annoyance when they are noisy or wobbling while operating in your home.

When a ceiling fan is unbalanced, you will hear an audible knocking sound each time the fan blades make a rotation. A ceiling fan blade typically becomes unbalanced as it gets older, requiring you to rebalance the ceiling fan.

This article will cover the steps to balancing a ceiling fan and stopping the noise of a wobbling fan in your home.

Clean Dust From Fan Blades

One of the most common causes of a wobbling ceiling fan is a large amount of dust on the fan blades. If you haven’t wiped down the fan blades in several months, you’d be surprised at the amount of dust accumulated on the blades.

It’s easy to neglect your fan blades during your routine cleaning, but it’s an important step. Dust accumulates unevenly on surfaces, resulting in unbalanced fan blades that can make a loud noise when spinning.

If you haven’t cleaned your fan blades in a long time, you will need more than a basic paper towel. Take a damp rag and wipe down both sides of the fan blades until they look good as new. Check to see if this resolved the problem before moving on to the next step.

Tighten the Screws on Fan Blades

Fan blades are connected to the ceiling fan’s flywheel using small screws. If the ceiling fan has been in use for years, these screws can become loose and cause the fan blade to wobble. Check each fan blade’s screws by turning them clockwise to tighten them.

These screws should stay tight to prevent excess movement from affecting the ceiling fan’s performance. While this is usually a common cause of wobbling fan blades, it may not be the solution. If the fan is still making noise, move on to the next step.

Adjust the Alignment of Fan Blades

A correctly installed ceiling fan blade should be level to the floor for proper alignment. If a fan blade is tilted downward or upward, it can affect the spin of the ceiling fan. To check the alignment of fan blades, you will need a tape measure.

Start by measuring the length from the tip of the fan blade to the ceiling. Once you have that measurement, you will be using this to make two more measurements. Measure the distance between the middle of the fan blade to the ceiling and close to the flywheel.

Every measurement should be the same if your ceiling fan is aligned correctly. If the numbers don’t match up, you can gently adjust the fan blades up or down to level them out for proper alignment.

However, be careful not to apply too much pressure, or you will break the fan blade off the flywheel mount. If the following three steps don’t fix the problem, there is one more method you can do to the fan.

Purchase a Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit

If all other fixes do not work, the last resort is buying a ceiling fan balancing kit. These kits are designed to eliminate the ceiling fan wobbling if one of the blades is lighter than the others. Ceiling fan balancing kits come with small weights that you place on top of the blade.

You can pick one of these balancing kits up at any home improvement store for less than $10. To balance the ceiling fan blades properly, you will need to first find which fan blade is wobbling the most.

Fix wobbling fan blades by following these steps:

  1. Turn on your fan’s different speed settings to see what causes the fan blade to shake the most.
  2. Once you find which setting results in the most noise, you can start by placing a weight on the fan blade you think is the problem.
  3. Try different weight combinations on the fan blades and repeat the process on the other blades.
  4. Change the balancing kit clips position on the fan blade to see if it makes a difference in the noise.

If you do not want to purchase a balancing kit from the store, you can use pennies as small weights. To keep the pennies on the fan blade, use painter’s tape or super glue to keep them in place.


Noisy or wobbling ceiling fans can cause a lot of frustration for homeowners. Fortunately, the noise can be reduced by balancing the fan and ensuring that the fan blades have proper alignment.

If you have followed the steps in the article and are still facing a noisy fan, it may be time for a ceiling fan replacement. Schedule a ceiling fan replacement today for a quieter ceiling fan for your home.

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